Exterior Designing

Unlike an architecture firm, which designs homes from the outside, making the interior fit, at Vilasa we draw from your inspiration—targeting the way you like to live—building an exterior around living spaces.

Are you aware of the term “exterior design”? If you have never heard of it before, you will want to take note. It is the process of making the exterior of one’s home visually appealing in a manner that is ideal for the style and architecture of the property. Many people underscore the value of designing the exterior of their homes. The truth is, there are various reasons to put together a look that is not only neat and clean, but stylish to boot.

Nothing is more gratifying than a welcoming, finished, well-appointed living space that blends personal style with colors, lines and textures in a way that says "this is me." Just as important is the exterior design of your home - the details, dimension and contrast of your exterior reflect your personal style too. At Vilasa - Luxury Living, we're passionate about applying accessible design concepts to the outside of your home. We appreciate the power of architectural details. And we know that trim, siding, color, doors and windows can all work together to create beautiful exterior designs that reflect who you are and where you live. We also know sometimes the choices are overwhelming and it's hard to know where to start. But we can help. With our exterior design resources, and our decades of experience as the category leader in innovative exterior design products, we can help you mix and match textures, colors and styles to create fabulous exteriors.

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