Different styles of interior designs

Vilasa: Different styles of interior design

Are you bored of the current look of your home? Planning to redecorate your interior anytime soon? Let Vilasa help you! Here are some interior design styles that you can use as an inspiration for your next renovation project! 


The minimalist style of interior design is starting to gain massive popularity among homeowners around the world. Minimalism lives by the saying of less is more, and you can totally see it in its style! 

This style draws inspiration from Japan which is known to merge functionality with its simplistic designs to maximize the space and the usability of their furniture and decor.

 With a minimalist style, expect to see a neutral colour palette partnered with some simple and efficient furnishings. 


When you hear the word industrial, what do you instantly think of? Chances are things like metal structures and raw materials would pop up in your mind, and that’s accurate to what industrial design is about! 

The industrial style is heavily inspired by urban lofts or warehouses where there is a sense of rawness to its design which is what makes it unique. 

To help you imagine what a typical industrial design would look like, think of bricks, wood, metallic fixtures and scattered pieces of furniture and partner that with a colour palette of wood colours and dark and neutral tones and voila you’ve got yourself an industrial interior design. 


The modern interior design draws inspiration from the style introduced in the 20th century with its use of simple colour palettes and straight clean lines. Just like with minimalist style, this design incorporates simplicity in its furniture, fixtures, appliances and everything that can be found inside the house.

The best words to describe this type of interior design would be clean and sleek as there won’t be any loud or bright decorations that would pop out in this style.


Nordic countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway play a big role in the fruition of Scandinavian interior design because of their simple way of living. 

This style heavily incorporates light to almost all-white colour palettes in its design which is a really great way to have certain pieces of furniture pop out. For example, an all-white room can have a brightly coloured pillow, vase, or fixtures to perfectly complement the plain colour of the walls.


By definition, the word contemporary means belonging to the present, which is the perfect way to describe this style of interior design. 

Contemporary design is not glued to one specific style, it is much less strict when it comes to following a particular design because it constantly evolves depending on what is currently popular or trending. 

This design is considered one of the most versatile and long-lasting ones because it can borrow from several different styles.

Mid-Century Modern

The retro style of the Mid-Century is heavily inspired by the era of the 1950s to 1960s which gives your home a classic or nostalgic vibe. From the use of natural shapes to simplistic yet functional furniture, this style is one of the most sought after designs of homeowners.

Use these interior design styles as an inspiration! Discover each of them and find out which would best suit your personal style and your lifestyle. 

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