Home improvement tools every homeowner need

Home improvement tools every homeowner need

Are you someone who likes tackling your home improvement projects and repairs? If yes, then you’re going to need some tools to help you tinker with your home! 

Here at Vilasa, we compiled a few indispensable tools that you will need for your renovation projects and basic home repairs. With that said, here are the tools that you need to keep in your tools box:

  1. Level 

Nothing is more irritating than spending the whole afternoon on a project only to find out that it is crooked in some areas.  Even the slightest errors can make your shelving, frames, and floorboards look off if you don’t use the right tools. 

It is impossible to accurately eyeball an object to check whether it’s level or not. For this reason, you need to have a level ready in your tools kit. 

  1. Putty knife 

Putty knives have a lot of purposes that can help you in your home improvement projects. You can use it to scrape off dry glues and paints in your walls. Moreover, you can use it to apply spackle, paste, and putty on leaking roofs. 

  1. Reciprocating saw

If you love making new furniture for your home, then this tool will surely help you in your projects. Reciprocating saw is an all in one tool that can replace other cutting tools in your arsenal. It utilizes a push and pull motion to cut through hard to reach areas where no other saw can reach. 

  1. Hammer

Almost every house project requires a good quality hammer! You can use it to pound and pull nails from your walls, cabinets, and even floorboards. To spot a good quality hammer, you need to check if it is lightweight and long. The leverage makes it easier for you to pound a nail on a wall without much effort. 

  1. Power drill 

It’s going to be hard to put a hole in a wall to hang a new frame if you don’t have the right tools. This power drill can help you make a clean cut hole on any surfaces. Moreover, you can use it to drill screws so you don’t have to use any muscle while working on a project.

  1. Utility knife 

A utility knife is a perfect tool to do trimming around the house. You can use it to cut the excess wallpaper on your wall, or you can use it to trim the edges of your carpet and linoleum. 

  1. Measuring tape 

Measuring tapes are indispensable tools in estimating the right size of materials. It makes the details of your projects even more accurate by providing the right measurements. 

It is perfect for figuring out the placement of your furniture, calculating floor plans, and checking for the right size of the furniture.  

  1. Phillips screwdriver 

Phillips is an X shape screwdriver and it is one of the most common tools to have in your toolbox. We suggest getting a handle with interchangeable heads so you can cover a wider range of screw types.

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