How to decorate your home

Vilasa: How to decorate your home

Discover how you can make your home beautiful when you take advice from our experts here at Vilasa. We provide high-quality home renovating and decorating services to improve your home. Our goal is to make sure your home is comfortable and can keep up with the evolving world of interior design. We always give our best to present our customers with designs that will take their breath away. 

If you’re aiming for a modern look, our team of expert designers will help you achieve that goal. They will also guide you through the process of designing your home if you’re unsure of what to do. 

How to improve your home  

Here at Vilasa, we will provide you with tips on how to upgrade your home. We will be right beside you throughout the process. If you’re someone who loves DIY, there are a lot of improvements you can make without the need for expensive materials.

Here’s how you can improve your home:

Set the tone at your door

There’s always something about the look of your front door that makes people feel invited. By setting the tone, people will have a glimpse of what they can expect from your home. Painting the door with a friendly and light colour can make a good first impression.

Choose a neutral colour for your walls 

Forget about the bedrooms, prioritize spaces that other people will see. Remember to stick to neutral colours like beige or grey especially on the first floor because this is the main space where people usually hang. 

Arrange your sofas 

Arrange your sofas and chairs in a way that seems inviting. If you take a look at hotel lobbies, you’ll notice that the furniture is arranged in groups where people can create a conversation. You can arrange them in U or H shape where the chairs are facing each other. 

Let the sunlight enter the kitchen

Letting the sunlight enter your kitchen is a good way to have natural light. You can opt for big windows and decorate them with lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk. Not only these will look good on the windows but they also hang well which makes them easy to manage. 

Place one mirror in each room

If you want a room to appear bigger, placing mirrors can help make the room look spacious and brighter. When you hang the mirrors, make sure they’re perpendicular to windows and not directly across them. This will allow the light outside to bounce back inside the room. 

Layer your lighting

There are three types of lighting that each room in the house needs and these are the ambient, task, and accent. These lights all have importance, the ambient lighting provides overall illumination to the room, the task provides illumination to kitchen islands or reading nooks. Meanwhile, the accent provides decoration in the room.

Place rugs under furniture

Putting rugs under the furniture can make your house feel more homey and comfortable. Keep in mind that all four legs of the sofa should fit on the rug. You can also opt for the two front legs to fit on the rug.

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