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Vilasa -Luxury Living is specialized in luxury residential and commercial interior design. For more than 30 years we have assisted residents in creating the home of their dreams. With a team of professional designers and custom craftspeople, including professional installation and quality control personnel, Vilasa provides clients with the highest possible level of service anywhere in the area. From concept through construction, to the finishing touches of each of your projects, you can rely on the Vilasa team to deliver a personal environment tailored specifically for you. By interpreting an individual client’s style and needs, our designers can successfully incorporate function while following current fashion trends. Whether you need to decorate your first home, redesign your second home, or simply liven-up your existing home, the Vilasa’s team of professionals will help you conceptualize, visualize and realize your dream.

Our ethos is always to deliver inspirational interiors for the way the client wants to live. Understanding and interpreting our clients’ aesthetic and lifestyle needs is an essential part of our skill set, in order that the design reflects their personality and responds to their individual lifestyle, tastes and aspirations. We pride ourselves on designing practical solutions for whatever the project requires.

Each project is designed with close attention to detail, managed and implemented with great care. We work with craftsmen and bespoke furniture makers as required, to create seamless, well executed and beautifully finished projects, delivered on time and on budget.

Our design skills encompass interior design, architecture and space planning through to creating bespoke furnishings, joinery and lighting design schemes. We can source unusual accessories, vintage and salvaged pieces as well as artwork for residential and commercial projects.

Some of the Interiors Services we offer are False Ceiling, Doors and Doorframes, Paneling & Partitions, Flooring, Glass and Aluminum work, Electrical Automation etc.

Vilasa welcomes your questions and invites you to personally experience our studio for inspired interior design. Please visit our showroom today!

Vilasa: Interior design

Vilasa is an architectural, interior design, and exterior design company that aims to provide the best engineering for your homes. It also aims to make luxurious designs where the ergonomics are considered. This is because the  company believes that every design should be partnered with comfort, and that factor should always be taken into consideration. 

We can offer you services such as Interior Design, Exterior Architecture that suits the best of your lifestyle. Not only that, Vilasa also offers top products  made with the highest quality of materials in the industry. 

At Vilasa, knowledge is considered power. And we believe that providing you with the information you need for our services is a great way for us to engage more.

What is interior design?

Interior design is the planning and designing of “man-made spaces”. Interior design is closely related to architecture and is a relatively new field of study. In the eighteenth century, the world saw a more widespread and sophisticated society, giving birth to interior design. People transformed houses into homes through the beautification of their interiors—decorations, furnishings, patterns, colors, and decors. 

The profession is known as interior architecture in some European countries, where interior designers are well-sought for. Until the middle of the 20th century, the term interior decorator was considered to be meaningless because there are more descriptive terms for the occupation. The term “interior design”, thus, was used to establish the job as a serious profession.

Education is needed in the field

First and foremost, education and proper training is required in order to succeed in the interior design field. As most companies require this, a degree can give you a lot of leverage in the skills you need to succeed and the attention you can get from the clients. 

You can also start practicing at a small or large firm, but pick only one skill at a time. For example, lighting. 

Interior Design is not Interior Decorating

One thing people should know is that interior design and interior decorating are two different terminologies and are not interchangeable. Interior design is a profession that can only be a job for those who have schooling and proper training, while interior decorators don’t require proper training and just focus on the aesthetics of a particular space.

Principle Of Interior Design

Interior designers today work with contractors, engineers, craftsmen, furniture dealers, and business and homeowners. Readers should note that interior design is a branch of architecture or environmental design and that, if taken out of context, interior design would be meaningless. 

The elements of interior design that should be considered are the site planning, the landscaping, the furniture, the architectural graphics, and the interior details. It also should be noted that interior designers should understand the user behaviours and desires to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. 

The best interior designers make the process of interior design look easy. They are expected to know the following interior design skills and knowledge:

  • Textiles, materials, color, space planning, sustainability, and more
  • Software applications for 2D & 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM)
  • Structural requirements, health and safety issues, and building codes  

Successful designers have a lot of education on certain subjects like architecture, graphic design, decorative arts, textile, furniture, and lighting design.

Elements to make a good design


Whether fixed or mobile, furniture directly influences the quality of any interior project. It is the designer’s job to ensure that the choices specified in the project will favor the routine functioning of the space, making sure that they will not harm elementary concerns such as circulation. 

When designing, furniture greatly affects the design of space. With this, exterior designers are responsible to ensure that the furniture complements the design.

A trick of the trade is buying expensive-looking items that cost less and can make the room grow brighter and more sophisticated. Furnishings are big investments to get. When buying furniture, the two most important pieces you should buy are the sofa and the bed. Buying these are important especially if you’re on a tight budget. Focusing on decorations might take more budget from other important pieces. 

One of the elements to be considered in this is the circulation or the way people move in a building. This is important in small spaces. Flexible furniture is sometimes used when exterior designers encounter situations where circulation is affected. Some of this furniture comes with a double function. For example, a closet with an internal partition or a sofa bed. Companies are now manufacturing these types of products as a way to follow the trend, they are especially popular among owners of micro-apartments and continue to challenge the industry to a higher standard of creating small spaces with the same comfortable, consistent and efficient design. 


Another element to take into consideration is the layout of a design. If a design doesn’t complement a certain space, it would cause a lot of damage to the design. With the use of structural elements, furniture and movable panels, architects Le Corbusier and Mies Van der Rohe challenged the traditional hierarchical layout plans to reduce the circulation of a space.

Important in the functioning of a project, the definition of a layout of a project in exterior designing is the positioning of equipment, furniture, and objects, whether fixed or mobile. Proper layouting organizes the flow of space in a design. This creates a feeling of permanence and can generate a hierarchy of space. 

For a good layout to happen, a good interior designer must take into consideration the fire escape routes, accessibility standards, and the minimum dimensions for rooms. They should also consider the above mentioned micro-apartments, as these designs prove that rules in exterior design can easily be broken. 

A lot of literature about the appropriate dimensions are available out there, but Ernst Neufert’s book, “Architects’ Data” (published in 1936), collects the best practices of dimensions for various different spaces. It might be a good way to read the book for a better understanding of furniture space.


Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their work environments. As we know it, the effect of an environment on people greatly impacts the way they work in their daily lives. Since we spend so much time in a space, it can greatly affect the physical, emotional, and mental health of the people living in that area. It is the “relationship between the artificial environment and the actions and behaviors of the human body and mind”. This discipline helps in creating spaces that can be attributed to the “physiological, anatomical, and even psychological” attributes of the person inhabiting a home. 

A successful ergonomic analysis means a good interior design. This type of analysis starts from the study of the dimensions and properties of the human mind and body. This analysis also functions as a dividing tool for the complexities of humans. They are used to get the best possible preference of a certain person, much like how the advertisements get their jobs right. 

In exterior design, comfort is broad. It means, the acoustics, the aesthetics, the aroma of the environment, the wind, the lighting, the temperature, the accessibility and all for the purpose of making the person’s life easier. Moreover, comfort is also attained in the color, brightness, depth, and height of design. Questions to ask should be based on the preferred level of comfort of the inhabitant. For example, what is their preferred temperature? The color that they want to happen? 


Materials can have huge effects on the environment, left unnoticed and unprepared. Careless choice in materials can also have huge effects on your design, as it can result in the damage of the finished project.

Luckily today, exterior design materials are diverse in the market. Unlike before, where these materials come only from a couple of sources, we can now get materials that are original, durable, recyclable and hygienic to the environment. Not only that, we can now have so many choices that we can ensure the quality of a material through picking the right source. 

Tips for Decor

Set them at a good level

Much like any room, the choice of art is important in a room. A rule of thumb is to set it at eye-level, making it much easier to see. This is the same for chandeliers, a common mistake people make on chandeliers is that they set it too close to the ceiling. This can lessen the light it sheds on the room and makes it go unnoticed. 

Make a good placement for pillows

A pillow can be a great room element. Pillows can be a nice addition to a room’s color story and can create a focal point or the focus of the room. Don’t overdo it, though. 

Good patterns for good aesthetics

Considered as one of the most state-of-the-art parts in interior design, Patterns in the house have to compliment each other. They do not, however, need to match. In selecting patterns, the most you can do is consider the color, size, and scale of the patterns in order for these patterns to properly complement each other.