Recent Projects

Melbourne Villa

Scope: 4 Bed + Living/ Dining

Entire designing and execution along with delivery handled by Team Vilasa.

All products are Made in India

Kids Room at Saket Residence

Shashank Mittal Kitchen

With more projects, to craft your High End Living Dreams With A Cut Above The Rest.

Vilasa: New Projects coming your way!

At Vilasa, we believe that comfort is the number one priority. Without it, there can be no complete service a hotel can provide. Vilasa also believes that building structures is more than just putting the parts together, if it’s not perfect for the customers it’s just another product. We seek out the most comfortable setting you can imagine and have you coming back to us in no time.

We have a lot of projects on our plate and we would like to introduce them to you! Here are some of them:

Melbourne Villa

The Melbourne Villa has 4 beds and 1 living and dining room.  This villa is a newly-constructed structure which  was executed and delivered by Vilasa itself.

The Villa consists of two floors facing a view from the mountains. If you want additional rooms that you can use, there are study rooms that are made with a quiet atmosphere. There are also reserved parking spaces reserved for residents. 

Kids Room at Saket Residence

Villas kid’s hotel club has a tennis court, an 18-hole mini-golf, and a huge freeform pool. With indoor and outdoor areas, the kids can play with their peers in ready-made toy structures and kiddie pool areas. This kids’ hotel has a grandiose lobby and a luxurious kiddie spa. It also offers soccer training courses for children below the age 10. 

The rooms have flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi, these rooms have balconies that are safely-made for children. It is also visited mostly by schools who take their field trips to the islands around Siansam resort. In its years of accommodating, there have been no reported incidents that involve accidents regarding children. 

Noida Residence

The Noida residence is a 3-minute-walk from the nearest market. It has an infinity pool and rooftop restaurant where you can socialize with other inhabitants of the hotel. The hotel also has a free Wi-Fi access that is available for all the guests at the hotel. Free parking is available at the area outside the hotel. 

Like the kids’ hotel, this hotel has a fitness and business center that has all the equipment you need.The business center offers a conventional space where you can do your officework at your desired time and space. 

Shashank Mittal Kitchen

Vilasa hotel offers a commissary kitchen you can rent to space for your culinary needs. It is complete with culinary equipment such as an oven, a stove, and a lot more. The Shashank Mittal kitchen. This commissary kitchen provides the necessary amenities you need, such as water and grease disposal. It has its own storage, parking, amenities, and has a good location.

When using the kitchen, the client must follow the policies written in the manual. Failure to follow the policies may result in a notice or eviction in the kitchen.